Freebie Friday

Freebie Friday #18: “Get your rock off my map!”

I love seeing celebrities take part in the nerd life.  We all know Mila Kunis has an extensive gaming history, including all-day World of Warcraft questing sessions with her pals.  Felicia Day is probably the queen of celebrity nerds, even portraying an online gamer in the web series, The Guild.  Vin Diesel is a major Dungeons and Dragons enthusiast, and even Superman himself, Henry Cavill, admits to being a big Skyrim fan.

What’s more fun than a celebrity being a gamer?  A celebrity voicing a game–and Destiny is full of them.

“Get your rock off my map!”

If you’ve ever played Destiny or its sequel Destiny 2, you’ve noticed several very familiar voices rocking behind some distinctly epic characters.  Here are a few of the voices behind Destiny‘s cast, if you weren’t already aware.

Gina Torres — Ikora Rey


Gina Torres–who you probably recognize from the likes of Firefly and Suits–voices the Warlock Vanguard, Ikora Rey.  A total boss who once flew solo reconnaissance missions across the inner solar system, Ikora is now charged with tutoring new Warlocks.

Lennie James — Lord Shaxx


Yep, it’s Morgan from The Walking Dead!  Lennie James plays an excellent Lord Shaxx, a Crucible veteran, is basically the drill sergeant of the Guardians.  He oversees the Crucible battlegrounds, including acting as the announcer during the matches.  In the wise words of Lord Shaxx, “It’s competition.  It’s the Crucible way.”

Bill Nighy — The Speaker


Am I the only one who loves calling him Rufus Scrimgeour?  Bill Nighy is, I swear, part of pretty much every movie franchise I love, like Pirates of the Caribbean and Harry Potter, and possibly the coolest actor-who’s-definitely-got-to-be-a-geek.  He plays the Speaker, the de facto leader of the Guardians, who is a very old Guardian himself.  He acts as the voice of the Traveler, a mysterious orb-like entity floating above Earth.  He has the greatest voice, this dude.

As you can see, Destiny is quite the star-studded game.  Of course, the most well-known and perhaps the most beloved voice offering and his character is where today’s freebie came from.

Nathan Fillion — Cayde-6


Ah, yes, Nathan Fillion.  Whether you know him from FireflyCastleDr. Horrible, or Buffy, what remains to be said is that you definitely know this guy.  In Destiny, he portrays Cayde-6, an Exo (humanoid war machine) who acts as the Vanguard for the Hunter class.  Although he is a man (sort of) with a mysterious and complex past, he’s notoriously laid back and absolutely hilarious.

Cayde-6 is so iconically part of what we all love about Destiny that he was the highlight of basically the entire campaign for Destiny 2.

Nathan Fillion’s acting talents shine in both the comedy and tragedy surrounding Cayde-6’s character.  Even in the most harrowing of battles, Cayde remains light-hearted and yet is always battle worthy and ready for a fight.

One of the most classic Cayde-6 scenes comes from the first game, wherein a battle planning meeting is interrupted by Eris Morn, a slightly disturbed woman with a third eye.

This scene basically sold me on Destiny.  And it had to become a print.  Hopefully you guys enjoy it for this week’s Freebie Friday!



Are you a Destiny gamer?  Who’s your favorite character?


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