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Watch Wednesday #18: Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun Funny Scenes

I think we’ve all been in this situation.  You sit down at the computer, your intent to get something done–homework, bills, write your grandma, whatever it is.  Hours pass.  You haven’t touched any part of what you were supposed to be doing.  Instead, you’ve been watching videos on YouTube.  For hours.

That’s exactly what happened to me this afternoon.  I’ve literally spent the last hour and a half watching clips from Gekkan Shoujo Nozak-kun.  I love this manga, and so to see it as an anime just made it even more hilarious.  So, to pretend like this last hour and a half of web surfing isn’t me just wasting time (which it totally is), I’m going to share these funny moments with you for Watch Wednesday this week!

Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun Funny Scenes

If you’ve never read and/or watched Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun (or Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun), the tale follows Sakura, who confesses to her long-time crush, Nozaki, only to receive his… autograph?!  It turns out that Nozaki is secretly a shoujo manga author, and thus his assumption was that Sakura’s admiration was for his monthly manga, not for him as a person.

Thus begins their insanely funny adventures featuring a wide cast of hilarious people and situations as Sakura struggles to make her feelings known, and Nozaki’s head is filled with all things shoujo.


I recommend both the manga and the anime–both are very well done, both incredibly laugh-worthy, and both contain everything that’s so dang lovable about Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun.  From Nozaki’s insane attempts a finding source material for his manga to all the crazy situations Sakura must deal with as she and Nozaki become closer and closer.

The particular author of this work, Izumi Tsubaki, is a master of humor and character building, and has insane understanding of anatomy and a great art style to boot, and all of that translates very well to screen in the anime adaptation of Nozaki-kun.  I won’t go into a full-out review of the anime, but rather I will show you, in some part, what makes the anime so great.  You know, by making you pee your pants with laughter.

Scene #1 – Otome Games

In Japan, dating simulator games are called “otome” or “maiden” games.  In the most basic terms, your goal is to woo characters of the opposite sex and your end goal is entering a relationship with them.  Here is a scene where Nozaki, taught by good pal Mikoshiba, learns the ropes of otome games–among other things.

Scene #2 – Female Rivalry

One thing Nozaki faces as a shoujo manga author is the struggle of putting himself into the mind of his lead female character, Mamiko.  Oftentimes he puts himself into interesting situations, all in the name of understanding Mamiko’s heart, including this scene where he attempts to understand the inner workings of female rivalries.

Scene #3 – References

Nozaki, the ever-dedicated manga author, works hard to find solid references for Mamiko’s clothing.  This often includes asking for the help of Mamiko and Mikoshiba… and bishoujo figurines.

Scene #4 – Drawing Backgrounds

Nozaki luckily has a lot of his friends at school willing to help out with his manga as well as keep his shoujo secret safe.  Other than Sakura and Mikoshiba is Hori, who in this clip is encouraging Nozaki to develop his background art skills.  Instead, Nozaki takes the opportunity to create a whole new issue.  Oh, Nozaki.

Scene #5 – Rainy Day

Of course, the best parts of this show are poor Sakura dealing with Nozaki’s lack of, well, any sort of romantic awareness.  Literally, all he knows is from mangas, and it’s forever funny.

Scene #6 – The S-Curve

But, of course, Mikoshiba is comedy gold.

I’m sure I’ve lured you into loving this show, right?  I hope these clips have spoken for the show themselves–seriously, you will laugh.  Every episode.  All the time.  This cast of characters is fantastically entertaining.

Fall in love with Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun on Crunchyroll.

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