Freebie Friday

Freebie Friday #17: Biggest Muscle in the Body

Sorry for the super late post.  I spent the majority of the day not-feeling-so-hot along with my two-year-old twin girls.  I was able to get today’s freebie created but had to spend the rest of the day surviving.  I LIVE.

Biggest Muscle in the Body

Prior to everyone being taken by the plague (a little overdramatic, I know), I was able to go on a date with Brad to see Thor: Ragnarok.  Now, both of us were predicting many things from the latest Thor installment, in part due to Ragnarok in comic history as well as the big question about the final Infinity Stone.  Ragnarok strayed away from all those things–in a good way.

Thor: Ragnarok is actually based on not only the multiple cases of Ragnarok in Thor’s comic history but also on one very legit Hulk-centric comic titled Planet Hulk.  Following a very bad Hulk rampage in Las Vegas, Marvel heroes decide to send him off planet to a safe planet where he can’t harm anyone.  Hulk ends up going through a wormhole and lands on a not-so-warm-and-fuzzy planet where he is taken as a slave and forced to fight as a gladiator.  As you can see from even just the Thor: Ragnarok promotional material, this is a storyline utilized in the film–utilized very well.


While Hulk’s expanded role and personality are just about the greatest things I’ve  witnessed in the MCU, and Thor and Hulk are the team-up of my dreams,  Bruce Banner’s appearances are always a joy to behold–and Ragnarok serves up some great Banner.  The exchanges between Bruce and Thor are beyond classic, including this piece of gold:

Bruce Banner: [points at his brain] Biggest muscle in the body.
Thor: I’ve got more muscle, so technically more brains.

I will forever love Ragnarok‘s additions to everyone’s character.  Oh, and also this tidbit of great information–sure to help you out on our next biology final!



Isn’t that just the cutest brain you ever did saw?!  I like to think so.  I may end up putting this little guy on a shirt, who knows.  Whatever the case, this print design will forever be free for your personal use!

Happy Friday, everyone!

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