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Thursday Threads #17: Toy Story “Mrs. Potato Head” DisneyBound

I’ve gotta be honest, I’ve never actually DisneyBound-ed before.  I’ve applied the same idea to non-Disney properties, like Steven Universe and anime, but I’ve yet to use it with some of my most favorite Disney characters.  I should probably fix that.

Because, hello, who wouldn’t want to dress like a Disney character?

Toy Story “Mrs. Potato Head” DisneyBound

If you’re looking for the greatest woman EVER, it’s probably Mrs. Potato Head.  Or, is that greatest potato-woman-ever?  Well, whatever the title, Mrs. Potato Head is it.  Not only does she take part in possibly the most epic romance ever (come on, Mr. Potato Head wished for her every birthday and Christmas, who can beat that?), but she’s also the kind of gal who remembers to pack your angry eyes–just in case.

Sure, she’s a little high-strung, and maybe slightly impulsive (“Let’s adopt them!”).  But she does have a solid eye for great biceps, which can absolutely be appreciated.


Needless to say, I love Mrs. Potato Head.  Oftentimes, in movie sequels, introducing a new character into the group can leave a sour taste in your mouth.  It’s common for that new character to not quite fit, offsetting the beloved balance from the initial film that got you to come see this sequel in the first place.  Mrs. Potato Head’s character, however, was a welcome addition to the main cast, which was quite a feat considering the number of new characters that came in during Toy Story 2.

For this week’s Thursday Threads I’ll use one of our most popular designs, Mrs. Potato Head (we also have a corresponding Mr. Potato Head shirt, if you were looking), to build a DisneyBound outfit that will highlight one great spud lady!


  1. Women’s floppy straw hat, Target, $14.99
  2. Mrs. Potato Head fitted women’s t-shirt, Nerd Love Shop, $18.99+
  3. Khaki skinny jeans, Walmart, $7.78
  4. White boyfriend cardigan, Chadwicks, $32.99
  5. Yellow fabric button earrings, Mich’s Corner, $1.20
  6. Va-Va Violets eyeshadow quad, Target, $6.99
  7. Matte Ink Lip Color in Pioneer, Amazon, $7.54
  8. Red Mary Jane patent leather pumps, Target, $27.99
  9. Gerbera daisy single stem, Craft Outlet, $0.95

Who’s your favorite from the Toy Story franchise?


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