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Watch Wednesday #17: Princess Tutu AMV

One of the greatest things about Anime Music Videos is the exposure it gives to the anime(s) that are been showcased in the video.  You’ll run along an AMV and it’ll be so freaking cool that it’ll leave you asking, “What show is that?!”

Princess Tutu AMV


Princess Tutu begins with a writer named Drosselmeyer (perhaps based on the mysterious uncle of The Nutcracker ballet) who had the ability to make the stories that he wrote come to life.  Tragically, he died before he could finish his final story, The Prince and the Raven, leaving the title characters locked in eternal battle.  The Raven escapes to the real world, where the Prince, named Mytho, follows and shatters his own heart with a sword–losing all of his memories and emotions–in order to seal the Raven’s evil away.

Specter Drosselmeyer decides he must end his story.  When he discovers a little duck who has fallen in love with Mytho he gives her an amulet that allows her to transform into a human, appropriately named Ahiru (“duck” in Japanese).  She is given the power to become Princess Tutu, a graceful ballerina, and is charged with finding all the pieces of Mytho’s heart.


Princess Tutu is a deceivingly cute anime, from its title down to its premise.  I mean, a duck becomes a princess?  AND a magical girl?  Yep, cute.  And, for me, it was perhaps a little too cute for me to give it a go.  Thankfully AMVs exist because otherwise, I don’t know when I would’ve given this anime a shot.

In the AMV, “Danse de Raven”, created by independent artist Chiikaboom, we see the darker side of Princess Tutu, which explores themes of fate as well as free will.  Using the song, “Le bien qui fait mal” (“The Good Thing That Hurts”) from the French musical Mozart, l’opéra rock.  The song is an incredible choice for Princess Tutu, and makes for a powerful AMV.  If you don’t speak French (you know, like me), you should definitely look up the translation for the song–it’s legit.

The wound going right through my heart
And I feel joy in the pain
I intoxicate myself with this poison
Until it makes me loose my mind

The AMV itself utilizes a lot of the darker imagery and story from Princess Tutu–and does so beautifully.  Again, while the series initially can seem like a typical happy-go-lucky magical girl anime, Princess Tutu will surprise you with its dark side.


Included in the music video is a lot of focus on Prince Mytho as well as the character of Rue, the Raven’s daughter, who does not want the Prince to regain his heart for fear he will not love her.  These emotions allow her to transform into Princess Kraehe, basically the anti-Princess-Tutu.  The conflicting feelings of Princess Kraehe, Prince Mytho, and Mytho’s friend, Fakir drive the video, with Princess Tutu taking a backseat.

“Danse de Raven” contains a lot of spoilers for the series, but, in my opinion, I think that’s awesome because it makes you interested.  It didn’t necessarily ruin the series for me, it just made me actually want to check it out!


Skeptical of an anime that is full of ballerinas, classical music, and a touch of magical girl?  Don’t be.  Honestly, Princess Tutu is its own breed, a very cool mixture of several genres that produces a remarkably interesting anime.

So yeah, you should probably watch the music video.  It will definitely pique your interest.

Like what you see?  Princess Tutu is currently streaming on Hulu.


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