Freebie Friday

Freebie Friday #16: Sssss… BOOM!

I love video games for many, many reasons, but I think my favorite is doting on some random non-main-character because they’re just too cute to ignore.  Like, on Destiny, I love the Ghosts.  I mean, they’re so freaking adorable on their own, but then I get the Vertical Shell skin for “Ghosts that want to appear taller.”  I mean, are you kidding me?  I think my brain stem exploded from that cuteness.

And sure, there are adorable non-human characters like Sackboy from Little Big Planet, but I really do love those not-really-meant-to-be-adorable-but-are sort of characters.  I want to highlight one of my favorites:  Creepers.

Sssss… BOOM!

Is it weird to love such a monstrous destroyer as a Creeper?  If you’ve never touched the Minecraft franchise (which, you should get on that), a Creeper is an in-game monster that most people want to punch in the face.  Of course, that would be a mistake, as that would just cause them to blow up.

Basically, imagine spending all this time gathering resources to build something beautiful… only to have it all blown to smithereens in the matter of seconds.  That’s the profession of a Creeper:  they kamikaze blow themselves up, destroying whatever’s in their wake.

So, yeah, I know that they technically sssssuck (ha), but they’re SO CUTE.

I mean, seriously, look at this adorable face.  How can you hate on that?  Okay, I guess you can, because he’s responsible for destroying everything you’ve built and losing all those diamonds you finally found, but come on–LOOK AT THAT LITTLE FACE.

The face of death.

I don’t think they’re fully aware that they’re blowing shiz and people up, you know?  I think that they’re running around, asking for hugs, only to realize too late that hugs aren’t possible.  How sad is that?  Really, they’re a character we should sympathize with more.  Poor little guys!

Thus, to celebrate my love/hate of Creepers, here is this week’s freebie.



As usual, this puppy is FREE.  Print as many as want, give it as a gift, post it all over your neighborhood, whatever floats your boat!  Just don’t redistribute it for monetary gain.  You know, sell it.  Because that would be awkward.

Do you have any random side characters that you love?

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