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Thursday Threads #16: Belle “Great Wide Somewhere” DisneyBound

Oh my heck, I love Disney movies.  I talk about Disney perhaps a little too often on here, but let’s be honest:  Disney was the first thing that I ever got mega-dedicated-nerd about.  In a sense, Disney was my gateway drug into nerdiness, which, as you can see, is part of my livelihood now.

Not to mention my entrance into bigger and nerdier things is a big part how I first became best friends with my husband–you know, since we bonded over discussing the Ultimate Spiderman series, which had both of our favorite characters in it, Spiderman and Kitty Pryde.

Basically, Disney is awesome, and nerding out about it with fellow Disney lovers is just about the funnest thing ever.  I love Disney!

Belle “Great Wide Somewhere” DisneyBound

For every Disney lover, if you ask, there’s probably a favorite movie scene that they’ve never gotten out of their mind.  I don’t think that there’s any scene that I reenacted more than Belle’s big scene post-Gaston-proposal where she dramatically runs out onto the hilltop to sing of how sick she was of this “poor provincial life” she was stuck in.

Of course, the most iconic part is where she collapses to the ground next to a cluster of dandelions, of which she plucks one, letting the seeds blowing dramatically through the wind.  Seriously, for a dramatic little girl such as I, could there be a scene any better than that to recreate constantly in my backyard?  I think not!


Belle’s style is so simply put together.  In part, yes, to the fact that animating complicated outfits sucks, but also as a piece of her character.  She doesn’t put up a front, she’s not trying to impress anyone, she’s just Belle–and she’s okay with that.  As elegant as her yellow ballgown is, my favorite out of hers will forever be the classic blue and white dress that she enters the film with.  AND DANDELIONS.

It is my love of that dress and that fantastic scene that inspired the design for our I Want Adventure in the Great Wide Somewhere t-shirt, of which I’ll use today to put together a DisneyBound outfit with that in mind.


  1. Blue hair bow, Sunday Boutique, $4.95
  2. I Want Adventure in the Great Wide Somewhere t-shirt, Nerd Love Shop, $18.95
  3. Blue chiffon long skirt, Amazon, $15.99
  4. Black flats, Amazon, $7.99
  5. Dandelion necklace, Amazon, $2.99
  6. Beauty and the Beast classic reprint, Barnes and Noble, $7.97
  7. Brown willow creel basket, Amazon, $13.68

Remember that I am in no way compensated for suggesting these products (but, dude, I wish I was).  I am literally finding the cheapest options and slapping them up here as mere suggestions to you–because, you know, they’re the least expensive I could find.  Of course, least expensive doesn’t necessarily mean the nicest products you could buy, but you know.

I’m sure that, if you look, you’ve already got a lot of these pieces in your closet at home!  Or, if you’re a craft genius, you could probably make most of this, right?!  I am pretty good with a glue gun myself, although if you ask me to pull out a sewing machine that may reap some less-than-pleasant-to-the-eye creations…

So, what’s your favorite iconic Disney movie scene?

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