Thursday Threads

Thursday Threads #15: Spider-Man: Homecoming “Captain America’s Fitness Challenge” Cosplay

Today we’re returning to my favorite kind of cosplay.  You know, the kind that uses very, very subtle references.  I love it, they never cease to make me grin.

Spider-Man: Homecoming “Captain America’s Fitness Challenge” Cosplay

Since Spider-Man: Homecoming is officially out for in-home viewing (buy it, it’s fantastic), let’s just touch on how great Captain America’s cameo’s in the film were.  The 1980s-esque instructional videos are amazing.

From Cap’s discussion on puberty, to his detention based, “I get that,” video, right down to the after-credits talk on patience.  It was the most perfect gag.  And remember:  “The only way to be cool, is to follow the rules.”


But, of course, the quote from Peter’s gym teacher, Coach Wilson, after showing the first video in gym class is just about the greatest thing ever:  “Thank you, Captain. I’m pretty sure this guy is a war criminal now, but whatever, I have to show these videos; it’s required by the state.”

The truest depiction of a gym teacher that there ever was.  In celebration of that guy and Captain America’s peppy willingness to film these in the first place, let’s use our Captain America’s Fitness Challenge t-shirt for an easy Halloween costumes that will work for even the warmest of Octobers.


  1. Captain America’s Fitness Challenge t-shirt, Nerd Love Shop, $14.95+
  2. Navy blue men’s gym shorts, Walmart, $6.88
  3. Red, white, and blue sweatband set, Amazon, $9.99

Did you love Captain America’s cameos as much as I did?

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