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Thursday Threads #14: PJ Masks “Luna Girl” Family Cosplay

We’ve talked couples cosplay, so let’s go one step further:  family costumes!

Whether you take the lead or let your kids rule the annual costuming decisions, family costumes are so fun–you know, while they’ll let you join in on the dressing up.

PJ Masks “Luna Girl” Family Cosplay

I have loved PJ Masks ever since its debut on Disney Channel in 2015.  It’s everything dorky about a children’s show (you know, with those “life lessons” and all that) but, guys, superheroes.  And not spelling superheroes, like legit fight-the-bad-guy superheroes.  Bad guys whose big scheme is to steal sports equipment–looking at you, Night Ninja–but bad guys nonetheless.


Although we all have to ask how three six-year-olds function at school after being out all night.  And where are their parents?  Not to mention the villains’ parents.  Is Luna Girl essentially homeless?  Dude, just let her take the other kids’ show-and-tell stuff, then, poor thing.  And what the heck is a Ninjalino actually supposed to be?  Alien?  Clone?  And all of us are wondering where Romeo gets his funding, ’cause he sure ain’t using those inventions to rob banks.  Someone tell me, because I want a hand in whatever pot he’s getting it from.  Oh, right.  It’s a cartoon.  I’ll settle down now.

I know many of you parentals have kids who–regardless of how logical the show may or may not be–are dying to be their favorite PJ Mask for Halloween.  For all those moms out there looking to join in on the fun, Luna Girl is a great choice.

This part in episode one kills me every time.

The only other female lead character in the show other than Owlette, Luna Girl has a great look that is easily recreated using our Glitter Luna Girl Insignia t-shirt.  You can be comfortable and look fly walking door-to-door for treats!


  1. White bob wig, Walmart, $4.39
  2. Black eye mask, Spirit Halloween, $3.99
  3. Glitter Luna Girl Insignia, Nerd Love Shop, $18.95+
  4. Gray fitted long-sleeved shirt, Walmart, $8.99+
  5. Gray leggings, Walmart, $9.99
  6. Black knee-high boot, Walmart, $9.99

Isn’t this the cutest yet easiest costume EVER?  It’s sure to make your PJ Mask fan geek out!  Seriously, what kid wouldn’t be proud to see their mom looking amazing as Luna Girl?

We love Halloween, and we love being the one to help make your costume or cosplay come to life!  If you’re hoping to purchase something for Halloween from us, you’ll want to order soon.  The last day to order and get your items by October 31st is Wednesday, October 18 for regular shipping, and Tuesday, October 24 for expedited shipping.

Did you guys know that season one of PJ Masks is on Netflix now?!

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