Freebie Friday

Freebie Friday #13: Ant-thony

I hate bugs.

Even ladybugs.  Did you know that smelly yellow stuff ladybugs leave on you is blood? Yeah, you heard me.  They have a bleeding reflex to deter predators from eating them, apparently peeing out yellow blood does the trick.  But why are you bleeding on me?  I don’t want to eat you.  Trust me.

Not a fan of ants, either.  They gross me out beyond belief.  They don’t even have lungs.  They just, like, breath through the holes in their body.  WUT.  I also kind of feel like they get in the house just to point out that I don’t sweep and vacuum as much as I should.  They’re like entire colonies of mean mother-in-laws or something.

Spiders.  Flies.  POTATO BUGS.  Bugs–no thanks.


So, if I hate bugs so much (so much, seriously), does that just testify to the greatness that is Ant-Man, because it convincingly made one of my most detested bugs actually, well, kind of cute?

Maybe it’s the fact that Scott named him Ant-thony.  I love that little guy.

Ant-thony is actually a carpenter ant, who you could basically chalk up to a bunch of d-bags who are infamous for being a widespread nuisance, wreaking massive amounts of destruction to wooden buildings.  But I’m almost 100% certain Ant-thony isn’t a d-bag.  He’s a cool carpenter ant, I’m sure.  Or maybe Scott has to chastise him for destroying the furniture.



I hope you guys enjoy a little Ant-thony in your life!  You know, the safe, picture-based way.  Because ants are still gross.  Sorry, Ant-thony.

What bug grosses you out the most?


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