Thursday Threads

Thursday Threads #13: Halloween 2017 Quick Cosplay Round-Up

Okay guys, it’s October 5.  That means only twenty-six days until Halloween.  If you’re like me, you’ve been planning your Halloween costume since, well, basically last Halloween.  But if you’re not like me (you know, because you have a life), and you’re still scrambling for ideas, we’ve got some quick ones for you here!

For this week we’re going to round-up the past few weeks of cosplay ideas for you to have in one convenient place.  Hopefully this will allow you an easy place to see all the ideas we’ve proposed using our shirts, and will give you enough time for you to create your own version for Halloween!

We’ll continue with more quick costume ideas next Thursday Threads.

Halloween 2017 Quick Cosplay Round-Up

  1. Judy and Nick Couple’s Costumes
  2. Emperor’s New Groove Costume
  3. PJ Mask’s Quick Catboy Costume
  4. WALL-E’s EVE Easy Costume
  5. Easy Gravity Falls Mabel Costume
  6. Steven Universe’s Connie Costume

All of our previous Thursday Threads posts that focused on quick costume ideas link to the cheapest options we found that could help bring your easy costume together!  The best part, however, is that a lot of what we suggest you probably already have lying around your house, or could even borrow from a friend.  Costuming can be both simple and, in many cases, totally on the cheap!

Do you already have your Halloween costume planned out?

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