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Thursday Threads #12: Nick and Judy “Sly Fox and Dumb Bunny” Couple’s Cosplay

The only thing more fun than cosplaying is pairing up your costume with someone else.  You know, the Ash to your Pikachu.  The Mario to your Luigi.  The Link to your Zelda.  Whether it’s with your best friend or your significant other, it’s magic, all of it!

Nick and Judy “Sly Fox and Dumb Bunny” Couple’s Cosplay

Zootopia has one of the greatest couples I’ve seen on scene in a non-romance in quite some time.  Their chemistry feels real, but it’s certainly not the focus of the story.  Heck, it’s really not even on the radar–but, dang, you can feel it.


I’ve said this way too often, but my favorite romances are the ones that start with a real we’re-totally-BFFs base, and that’s why Judy and Nick make me so happy.  There’s the potential for a relationship status, but that’s not all they’ve got between each other.  I love that.

Although a Zootopia 2 has been confirmed as happening, we haven’t been given much else.  Even the release date is up in the air, although a predicted release year of 2021 gives us tiny bite to chew on.  A four-year bite, but, hey, it’s something.


We actually have multiple designs based around these favorite duo, including our Predator and Prey shirts, but today we’re using our Sly Fox and Dumb Bunny designs for this couple’s cosplay idea.



  1. Rabbit and fox ears headband pack, Amazon, $9.99
  2. Sly Fox adult unisex t-shirt, Nerd Love Shop, $14.95+
  3. Green bamboo men’s Hawaiian shirt, Walmart, $17.88
  4. Navy blue and red striped men’s tie, Walmart, $8.97
  5. Dumb Bunny women’s fitted t-shirt, Nerd Love Shop, $18.95+
  6. Women’s pink plaid shirt, Walmart, $13.63

I’ll mention it again, I wish I could say people were paying me to list their products here, but, alas, I am not.  These are just the cheapest items that fit the look of Judy and Nick.  There are options out there that may fit the look better, but were much higher priced, so I opted for the less expensive options.  Just as an FYI!

If you could dress-up as any couple, who would you be?

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