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Thursday Threads #11: Emperor’s New Groove “I’ve Been Turned Into a Cow” Quick Cosplay

Everyone, Salt Lake Comic Con starts today. HUZZAH!  I’m ready to see all the amazing cosplay my local convention has to offer (and share it with you on Instagram), but that’s not going to keep me from continuing our quick cosplay suggestions.  I mean, come on, Halloween is around the corner!

Hopefully I’m not the only one who loves costumes that are entirely based around ridiculous movie references.  Because, yeah, that’s totally what we’re doing for Thursday Threads this week.  Lucky you!

Emperor’s New Groove “I’ve Been Turned Into a Cow” Quick Cosplay

The Emperor’s New Groove, following an arrogant young emperor who gets turned into a llama, is ridiculously funny.  That movie has so many great one liners, including my favorite, “Let me guess, you have a great personality.”  (Which, of course, I made into a shirt.)

“Hey, I’ve been turned into a cow. Can I go home?”
“You’re excused. Anyone else?”
“No, we’re good.”

Although we could put into question the guy-turned-in-a-cow’s work ethic, we won’t simply because he’s provided us with not only a great shirt, but also a very funny twist on an Emperor’s New Groove costume!


  1. Plastic adult viking helmet, Wikibuy, $6.80–you could paint this purple if you’re looking for accuracy.
  2. Rabbit ear clips, Mac & Ron Designs, $6.71–just angle them down, you’ve got cow ears!  You could also easily make your own version out of felt or craft foam.
  3. “Hey, I’ve Been Turned Into a Cow. Can I Go Home?” t-shirt, Nerd Love Shop, $14.95+
  4. Men’s purple sweat pants, eBay, $14.89+
  5. Lilac outdoor craft paint, Walmart, $5.55–you can easily paint cow spots onto your sweats.
  6. 27″ pointed mace sinker, eBay, $13.98

The nurse at our doctor’s office said that he was going to dress as a cowboy and carry around a lassoed bunch of Nerf darts–“nerf herder”.

What’s the best movie reference costume you’ve seen?

3 thoughts on “Thursday Threads #11: Emperor’s New Groove “I’ve Been Turned Into a Cow” Quick Cosplay

  1. This cosplay is really well thought out! It’s cool that everything needed is “relatively” cheap, but it’s not a very complex look so you can also handmade the props if you don’t have the money! I really like your “Thursday Threads”!


    1. I’m so glad you like them! That’s what I love about costume ideas, you can make it work using a lot of things you have on hand. Like, you could even dye an old pair of sweatpants for $3 with some purple Rit Dye! It’s fun to look for ways to pull it within your budget.


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