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Tuesday Tunes #11: Anime Music Videos

Considering that anime music videos are, like, the ultimate mash-up of two things people love to get nerdy about–anime and music–it felt like something I should talk about.  Anime music videos, or AMVs, are video compositions by fans, who synchronize video clips taken from anime films or shows with music.  The editing can be anywhere from simple splicing of clips, to some insane edits using video software.

Anime music videos have been created since the early 80s.  AnimeMusicVideos.org has the biggest vault of AMVs, but YouTube is another contender.  Name an anime, there’s probably an AMV of it, if not several.  Anime conventions commonly hold AMV competitions, and AnimeMusicVideos.org holds a yearly competition as well.

If hadn’t already guessed, today I’m sharing an AMV for Tuesday Tunes.

Anime Music Videos

This particular AMV took the prize for Video of the Year in AnimeMusicVideos.org most recent competition in March of this year.  Titled “Weeaboo Peekaboo”, creator Shin AMV mashes up a buttload of animes with stock video to give us a peek of why we love anime.


“Weeaboo” is actually an insulting name to be called; it basically means that you’re a person so obsessed with not only anime but Japanese culture.  It’s obsession to the point of basically pretending that you’re Japanese–you know, using Japanese phrases mixed in with English, wearing a schoolgirl uniform to non-uniformed school, always eating with chopsticks… let’s just say it gets weird.  In the case of the AMV title, however, it was used simply as a catchy title.

I loved this AMV because it highlights what makes anime, well, anime:  the classic magical girl transformation sequences, action scenes with insane directing, animation that blows your mind, the teamwork of sports animes, those animes you fell in love with as kid, crazy good music in a language you don’t understand, with plot points that have you in tears.


I love the mix with the live action stock video–something that isn’t all-too-common in AMVs–as it adds to the tone of the video’s message.  It’s taking everything that we enjoy about anime and scrunching it into one beautiful ball of enjoyment, and it’s a fun introductory in anime music videos.

Do you have a favorite AMV?

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