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Thursday Threads #10: Catboy “Disney Park Costume” Quick Cosplay

Every time I visited Disneyland as a kid, I wanted to dress up SO badly.  But, if I was going to wear my dress, it would totally ruin it if I didn’t wear the pretty shoes.  But the shoes hurt.  Like, guys, they’re literally plastic.  How can I walk, walk, walk a day at Disney in those?

I could wear comfy shoes, but that would totally ruin the look.  I mean, a Snow White dress paired with trainers?  No way, it wouldn’t work.  Snow White in the park doesn’t wear gym shoes, and this Snow White ain’t wearing gym shoes, either.  Nope.

Too bad Disney Bound wasn’t a thing yet.  Created for purposes of not only a comfier costuming experience, but also to fit different wallet sizes and body types, Disney Bounding is the work of genius.  Cosplay can not only be easy, but it can be functional–like for walking for hours around Disneyland!

Catboy “Disney Park Costume” Quick Cosplay

Traditional, store-bought costumes I’ve found to usually be both flimsy and thin.  And if you live in a state where October 31st means the possibility of a chilly Halloween, then that means you’re quickly covering up a $40 costume with a coat.  That sucks, for your wallet and your mini me.  Dressing up at Disney, you find the same issues.  A less-than-sturdy outfit that can’t handle any shifts in temperature.

We’ve shown you one of our PJ Masks inspired sweatshirts on a previous Thursday Threads, but today, using our Catboy’s Insignia sweatshirt, I’ll show you how you can easily put together a Catboy costume that works for a cooler day at Disneyland, or night of treat-or-treating.  (Or, in the case of Mickey’s Halloween Party, both!)

Best part?  This look is easily adaptable, no matter who your kid’s favorite hero in pajamas is–Owlette, Gekko, or Catboy–and you can easily add more details (like Catboy’s tail or Owlette’s wings) should you desire to.


  1. Catboy mask, Thomas Park, $7.99
  2. Catboy’s Insignia sweatshirt, Nerd Love Shop, $19.95
  3. Any pair of jeans or pants–you’ve already got this, I’m sure!
  4. Any pair of shoes.  Doesn’t even need to be blue.  If you like the pair I used in the example, they’re $14.00 canvas slip-ons from Old Navy.

Can’t you just picture your kid walking through Disney World in this?  Looking fabulously like their favorite superhero, but also comfortable (guys, these sweatshirts are SO soft) and warm, that’s what I’m talking about!

Have you ever put together a Disney Bound outfit?

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