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Thursday Threads #9: WALL-E “EVE’s Directive” Quick Cosplay

As my local comic con draws nearer, our quick cosplay ideas continue in full force.  This one is just as easy as our other suggestions, but it’s also freaking cute.  Seriously, people may fall to the ground from the cute factor here.

Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating a tiny bit, but if you enjoy fast and easy costume ideas that still leave you feeling, well, adorable–this one is for you.

WALL-E “EVE’s Directive” Quick Cosplay

WALL-E is possibly the most romantic Pixar film ever.  Okay, so Up has some strong chops in that fight, but let’s just agree that WALL-E surprised us all with that fact that it wasn’t just about an adorable cubed robot, but an adorable cubed robot falling in love.  SO CUTE.


EVE is a particularly enjoyable character.  She’s a career woman who is growing tired of failed mission after failed mission, unable to fulfill her life giving directive–to find plant life.

Do you think she knew that her calling as an Extraterrestrial Vegetation Evaluator was the jump point to changing human life as they then knew it?  I wonder.  Well, we can say this:  EVE is a big deal.  And WALL-E’s a lucky guy.


Because they are indeed one of the cutest couples of all time, of course people want to dress up as WALL-E and EVE!  Cosplaying from WALL-E has seen a lot of different interpretations of the robotic leads, from more literal to humanoid interpretations.  Today I offer my twist on EVE’s look, this time using our newest shirt EVE’s Directive.

Inspired by the classic hand-holding scene from the film, this EVE cosplay features not only an all-white casual ensemble, but also some very EVE-like sunglasses, and even a strand of battery operated Christmas lights.  Go find yourself a WALL-E and you’re all set!


  1. Retro cat eye women’s sunglasses, Amazon, $11.68
  2. EVE’s Directive t-shirt in women’s fitted, Nerd Love Shop, $18.95+
  3. KOGMO thermal zip-up in white, Walmart, $17.49
  4. Faded Glory full length jegging in white, Walmart, $12.44+
  5. Women’s canvas lace-up shoe, Walmart, $4.97
  6. Qedertek Christmas battery string lights in multi-color, Amazon, $8.29

Again, I’m not endorsed in any way for this, these are simply my tight-wad suggestions so hopefully you don’t have to sell a kidney for a costume.

The great thing is that you most likely have at least a few pieces of the costumes already sitting somewhere in your closet!  Heck, you can even ask around and borrow from friends.  Quick cosplay can not only be fast, but it can be hecka cheap.

Trust me, I’m a tight-wad.

So… who’s your favorite Pixar couple?

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