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Manga Monday #9: Uh, I’m a Girl

Do I only read romances?  MAYBE.

But, guys, this one is all about two very, very dense people who just can’t seem to understand that they’re in love with each other.

Everyone else gets it, they just can’t seem to comprehend.  And it’s hilarious.

Uh, I’m a Girl

Tomo-chan wa Onnanoko!
Tomo-chan is a Girl!
Yanagita Fumita
5 volumes (ongoing)

Aizawa Tomo has finally confessed to her long-time crush and childhood friend, Kubota Junichirou.  There is just one tiny problem:  He only sees her as a buddy.  Even though they grew up together, he only just recently realized that she was actually a girl–thanks to middle school uniforms (you know, skirts, big indicator!).

This 4-koma manga series follows Tomo as she struggles to fight against her butt-kickin’, tomboyish ways to make Jun realize she’s a girl, and Jun as he fights back against finally admitting his own feelings for Tomo.


The manga is released one four-panel page at a time, multiple times a week, so it’s quite a bit different most of the manga I read, which is usually a multi-page release once a month.  There was initially a lot of hype about Tomo-chan, but I didn’t actually hope\ in until there were 300+ pages.  And man, the hype was all it was made up to be, this is a funny manga.

From the first page you are laughing at the ridiculousness of the main protagonists.  But then you throw in some very strong co-pilots to the story, especially Tomo’s two female friends, and it’s a party of laughs.


Tomo-chan never takes itself too seriously, following a trope while using less-tropey characters and wrapping it up in one laugh after another.

Jun is probably the most sane lead male I’ve ever seen in a manga.  He’s not a Marty Stu, his flaws aren’t a forced cliche to make him seem more relatable, he’s a very likable guy who lacks a lot of common sense when it comes to his own feelings.  He’s also a man very, very obsessed with his karate.


Tomo, on the other hand, isn’t simply a girl who dresses like a boy, she’s a frighteningly strong young lady who has been trained up since a kid to be a karate hacking star.  She’s constantly being put on the boys’ teams because the girls are scared of her.  In her attempt to join her middle school karate club, she was quickly asked to be a part of the boys training, but even with them she unwittingly made them all just as terrified of her as the girls were.

All Tomo really wants is to have girl friends that she can go eat parfait with after school and to really be one of the girls.  Sadly, she is force that makes even a simple game of dodge ball basically life or death.  And it’s beyond funny.  Poor girl can’t manage her own strength.


The charm of Tomo-chan isn’t simply the reader waiting for the lead couple to get together, it’s WAY more than that.  It’s a slow burn but in no way is it a drag.  I genuinely have enjoyed the road so far, and I am always looking forward to the next update.

Another thing I enjoy about this manga is that they really feel like dopey middle schoolers.  Rather than just putting them in situations that a middle schooler would never find themselves in for reader entertainment (which I feel it quite common in shoujo manga), I think that the author uses their youth to a high advantage, taking it to ridiculous levels for humor.


Tomo-chan wa Onnanoko! is full of funny moments, great characters, strong (although ridiculous) character arcs, and a solid structure that will legitimately give you the warm fuzzies as you read.  I love Tomo-chan because it’s different.  It’s simply funny and well put together.

If you’re looking for a laugh, it’s worth every page.  It’s really a manga about the changes we all work hard to go through so that we can become the people that we long to be, with the people with long to be with.

It’s also a manga full of so much ridiculous you may pee yourself sometimes.



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