Thursday Threads

Thursday Threads #4: Team Captain America

I first met Laurelyn ten (holy crud) years ago in French class my junior year with Mme. Gwen... why can't I remember her last name?  All I remember is I always liked her first name.  And that she liked flat, warm Coke--something she had learned while on her exchange in France.  I digress. Laurelyn started… Continue reading Thursday Threads #4: Team Captain America

Watch Wednesday

Watch Wednesday #4: Space Cowboy

Okay.  Let's just lay it out:  How much of a Whedonite are you?  How many of Whedon's work have you partaken of--Buffy, Angel, Dollhouse, Avengers?  How about Toy Story? Well, even if you're not a Whedonite yourself, I know that you've seen his work.  And while Joss Whedon has some admittedly lesser works, we can't deny… Continue reading Watch Wednesday #4: Space Cowboy

Tuesday Tunes

Tuesday Tunes #4: Spectacular, Spectacular

In our senior year of high school, my now-husband, Brad, loved ringtones.  You know, way back when, when you would go online to a ringtone website and send the MIDI to your phone to be used as a ringtone.  Bradley specifically had a buttload of nerdy ringtones. Our group of friends each had chosen a… Continue reading Tuesday Tunes #4: Spectacular, Spectacular