Thursday Threads

Thursday Threads #6: Connie “Bubble Buddies” Quick Cosplay

This week I want to introduce another part of Thursday Threads:  quick cosplay. If you've never been to any sort of nerd convention, then your exposure to cosplay has probably been limited to Halloween and the internet.  Dude, conventions are a whole 'nother ball game.  There are some insanely talented cosplayers out there, and when they… Continue reading Thursday Threads #6: Connie “Bubble Buddies” Quick Cosplay

Tuesday Tunes

Tuesday Tunes #6: I Have to Protect You

There are literally hundreds of reasons (seriously) that you should be watching Steven Universe, if you aren't already.  This includes the production value, storytelling, characterization, voice acting... basically there's a reason its been nominated for three Emmy Awards. I'll most likely come back to Steven Universe for a Watch Wednesday, but for today we're going to focus… Continue reading Tuesday Tunes #6: I Have to Protect You

Manga Monday

Manga Monday #6: High School Soldiers

As much stress as may have been involved in my senior year of high school, it was nothing compared to what Korean high school students experience.  For me, the transition into college wasn't end-all, be-all.  It was Plan A, Plan B, Plan C--doesn't matter what happens, I was going to be just fine. In Korea,… Continue reading Manga Monday #6: High School Soldiers

Thursday Threads

Thursday Threads #5: Trust No One

In its beginnings, Nerd Love Shop was simply for offering digital prints.  I could let my nerd freak flag fly, but there was no postage to worry about, no post office drops, no risk.  Easy. Although I had access to apparel printing, I was reluctant to jump into offering t-shirts or any sort of apparel.… Continue reading Thursday Threads #5: Trust No One

Watch Wednesday

Watch Wednesday #5: The Darker Side of the Justice League

I don't want to alarm you, but until recently... I haven't really been a DC fan.  I mean, I'm a huge Poison Ivy fanatic (hello, she's my e-mail addy), and I love Teen Titans and Nightwing is a total boss, but past that, I haven't really cared much. Which is funny considering that, as much of… Continue reading Watch Wednesday #5: The Darker Side of the Justice League

Tuesday Tunes

Tuesday Tunes #5: Name That Blues Tune

Have you ever heard a song--in a movie, during a movie trailer, on the radio--and immediately you were hooked?  Like, WHAT IS THAT SONG sort of hooked?  Of course, you remember what you can of the lyrics and quickly Google them, find the tune, download it, listen to it eight hundred times over.  Yep, that's… Continue reading Tuesday Tunes #5: Name That Blues Tune

Manga Monday

Manga Monday #5: Bullying in Japan

In Japan, bullying is called ijime.  It is not like Western bullying in the fact that it's more collectively perpetrated.  In the Japanese culture, schools are run under a high standard of conformity and collective thinking.  Kids are encouraged to not stand out.  That cultural expectation bleeds into how kids bully and are bullied. Bullying… Continue reading Manga Monday #5: Bullying in Japan

Freebie Friday

Freebie Friday #4: The Queen of Hearts

Can you believe that we've been doing this for FOUR WEEKS now?!  I can't.  Like, the fact that I've actually blogged for four weeks straight is both shocking and may be reason enough to assume that the world is ending. Just sayin'. The Queen of Hearts If you're only familiar with the Queen of Hearts… Continue reading Freebie Friday #4: The Queen of Hearts