Thursday Threads

Thursday Threads #8: Ned “The Guy in the Chair” Quick Cosplay

This is a quick cosplay that’s sure to make people smile.  Not just from its simplicity, but because this character is just THAT lovable, don’t you think?

Ned “The Guy in the Chair” Quick Cosplay

In his original depiction in the comic books, Ned Leeds is a reporter for the Daily Bugle who is married to Betty Brant and eventually becomes a sidekick to Spider-Man.  The Ned who we saw in Spider-Man: Homecoming is actually a homage not just to the original Ned Leeds, but an amalgamation of several Spider-Man characters.


In fact, the lunch room scene in which Peter and Ned are creepin’ on Liz is quite reminiscent of a scene in Ultimate Marvel, with Miles Morales (who replaced Peter as Spider-Man) and his best friend Ganke.


Although Ganke’s character is Korean-American, and Ned’s actor is Filipino-American, and their best buddies are two entirely different renditions of Spider-Man, you can’t deny the similarities.  Even Michael Bendis, who created Ganke’s character, was pretty shocked by the resemblance.

Regardless of his inspiration to screen, Ned’s character is a superb addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  He offers a ton of humor, a great example of a real friend, and the sort of diversity we need to see more often on the movie screen.  Ned is the personification of how all of us would be if we found out our best friend was a superhero–“I can be your guy in the chair!”


The fact that Ned is cool enough to wear a 1940s inspired fedora to Flash’s party?  It makes him plain awesome.  It also makes him super easy and fun to cosplay as.  Pair yourself up with your best buddy in his Spidey costume, and you’d be the most legit BFF pairing in the MCU.

This week’s Thursday Threads uses our The Guy in the Chair shirt to encompass Ned in all his gloriousness.


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What was your favorite Ned scene from Spider-Man: Homecoming?

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