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Thursday Threads #7: Mabel “Into the Bunker” Quick Cosplay

Since Salt Lake Comic Con is in less than a month, we’re going to keep going with quick cosplay this week for Thursday Threads.

So, when your convention pops up and you realize you need a costume, come here for some fast ideas.  Again, quick cosplay is all about ease and comfort–at least, for me it is!

Mabel “Into the Bunker” Quick Cosplay

I love Mabel’s style.  Like, so much.  I wish I had Mabel as an example of don’t-give-a-fuh-what-anyone-thinks while I was growing up.  She dresses the way she wants to dress not to impress anyone, not to make a statement, but just because that’s what she likes to wear.


Now that I’m older (WAY older), I’m along those lines.  But, as a kid?  No way.  I had so much unnecessary anxiety about whether I looked okay.  I avoided trying a lot of styles and ideas simply because I was too afraid to.  It wasn’t until I was two years into college that I finally decided, “Yes, I can wear that,” thanks to two very stylish best guy friends.

So, let us all take a lesson from Mabel’s handbook–you know, amid the glitter and bedazzling–and just wear whatever the heck we want to wear.  Like our glow-in-the-dark Fun Hazard sweatshirt.  Then you can be like Mabel every day!  (Yes, that just happened.)


  • Isn’t that quote amazing?  I love Gravity Falls, squeezing them adult jokes in.
  • Satin covered headband, Amazon, $8.06
  • Glow-in-the-dark “Fun Hazard” sweatshirt, Nerd Love Shop, $27.95+
  • Purple skater skirt, Amazon, $17.99
  • 10-pack women’s cushioned quarter socks, Kohls, $11.99
  • Women’s basic ballet flat in black, Walmart, $5.87

Side note over here, but I love those flats.  So freaking cheap, so soft.  I have them in every color they come in, pretty much.  As you can tell, I’m a mega-classy shopper because Walmart may or may not be my favorite place to shop for shoes.

But anywho–what’s your favorite Mabel outfit?

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