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Thursday Threads #6: Connie “Bubble Buddies” Quick Cosplay

This week I want to introduce another part of Thursday Threads:  quick cosplay.

If you’ve never been to any sort of nerd convention, then your exposure to cosplay has probably been limited to Halloween and the internet.  Dude, conventions are a whole ‘nother ball game.  There are some insanely talented cosplayers out there, and when they all gather in one place to show off their skills–it’s a crazy wonderful sight!

However, if you’re like me and you are too lazy and/or unskilled to create anything epic (and you couldn’t handle sweating in something more beautiful, anyhow), but you still want to take part in the cosplay game, that’s where quick cosplay comes into play.

Quick cosplay is all about ease and comfort.  There are lots of great costumes of your favorite characters that can be put together quickly and easily, and Nerd Love Shop is happy to help you along.

Connie “Bubble Buddies” Quick Cosplay

Apparently I’m on a Steven Universe kick this week because today we’re all about Connie’s freaking adorable outfit in the episode, “Bubble Buddies”.


Now, Connie has several more-than-adorable outfits throughout the series.  I love how she is styled, mixing often mixing girlier options with more casual touches.  That’s why her “Bubble Buddies” outfit is quite a staple example, as she wears a mint skirt and shirt get-up with coral wellies.  Guys, SHE’S JUST SO FREAKING CUTE.

And thus, our Connie’s Bow t-shirt was born.  Available in a women’s fitted white, it’s a perfect base to a “Bubble Buddies”-inspired cosplay.  Even better if you can get someone to be your BFF, Steven!


  1. Retro round glasses, Walmart, $7.49
  2. Connie’s Bow t-shirt, Nerd Love Shop, $18.95
  3. Faux leather belt 2-pack, Kohls, $12.48 with code SAVER
  4. Mint flared midi skirt, Walmart, $16.59
  5. Pale canary yellow dress socks, boldSOCKS, $8.00
  6. Coral biker wellies, ASOS, $35.00

None of these are affiliate links, I honestly just searched the web for the cheapest but closest options for use in Connie’s look.  I don’t get paid if you click these, they’re just suggestions to make it easier for you!

What’s your favorite Connie look from Steven Universe?

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