Tuesday Tunes

Tuesday Tunes #6: I Have to Protect You

There are literally hundreds of reasons (seriously) that you should be watching Steven Universe, if you aren’t already.  This includes the production value, storytelling, characterization, voice acting… basically there’s a reason its been nominated for three Emmy Awards.

I’ll most likely come back to Steven Universe for a Watch Wednesday, but for today we’re going to focus on the music of the show.

What begins as a cute musical additive–little songs that make you smile–evolves into an integral part of the show.  Music acts as a firm structure to the lives of the characters in Steven Universe, rather than just handing out story in a tune.  And it’s gorgeous.

I Have to Protect You

The song I’m going to highlight is just one of many in Steven Universe.  It’s my favorite because it touches on my favorite relationship in the series, that between the titular character and his best friend, Connie.


A large theme that circumvents their relationship is the desire to protect each other.  They’re both kids who are confronted with the realities of an intergalactic war, and their desires to keep one another safe evolve as their involvement with the conflicts become deeper.

Connie wishes to build up the fighting skill to protect Steven as he fights alongside the Crystal Gems (don’t worry, she sang a song about it).  Steven struggles with Connie’s involvement in their battles in his hope to protect her from harm.  This is the song he sang about that.

The song, “Full Disclosure,” follows an extremely chaotic battle that Steven experienced with the Crystal Gems.  Steven relays the details of the catastrophe to Greg, his dad, and Greg unwittingly falls into a panic as the reality of what happened sinks in.


Steven is left concerned that telling Connie the truth will have her reacting the same way.  He ignores her persistent calls and begins to wander throughout Beach City, attempting to reach some decision on what he should do.

This is where the song, “Full Disclosure,” begins.  Steven laments his responsibility as a Crystal Gem and how he doesn’t want that to affect Connie negatively, all to the inescapable tune of his ringtone, as she continues to attempt to reach him–and it’s beautiful.

“Full Disclosure” is a perfect example of the storytelling and emotion that creator Rebecca Sugar puts into the music of Steven Universe.  This is musical rendering of Steven’s complex emotions, struggling to protect his best friend from things that even he has yet to really deal with.  Again, in the end, Steven is still just a kid.

If I could, I would load this post up with all the beautiful music of Steven’s world and gush about why I love each of them, one by one.  But I know you don’t actually care, so I’ll stop.  Rather, here’s all the songs from seasons 1-4 compiled into one full YouTube video.

The voice cast of Steven Universe offers some freaking beautiful tunes.  What’s your favorite song?


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