Freebie Friday

Freebie Friday #5: Heroes Never Die

Oh, you guys.  I’m so tired.  This is what happens when your kids are suddenly all, “Hey, let’s stay up till 5 AM for no reason!” and they’re twins so it’s a great example of teamwork but, like, why.

Brad was so tired that he accidentally shaved off his amazing beard.  I’m so tired I have poked myself in the eye three separate times today.  Guys.  Why.

Heroes Never Die

There’s one good thing that comes from kids not going to bed–we get to game late into the night without thinking, “Is this a bad idea?”

Because, yeah, normally it is a bad idea.  But when your children aren’t letting you sleep anyhow, I say, what the heck!  We’re playing Overwatch for three hours straight.

Seriously, video games are the best way to combat kids-won’t-let-me-sleep-like-a-normal-person syndrome.  Which is totally a real thing.

Due to the fact that I generally enjoy to main as Mercy while playing Overwatch, and due to the fact that I played as her for so long last night, today’s free printable for was inspired by her:  “Heroes never die!”



It’s always so epic to resurrect people with Mercy’s great tagline.  So satisfying.  If you weren’t aware, Mercy is a support character on Overwatch; she can heal, ressurect, and strengthen her teammates with her sick Valkyrie suit.  I love her gameplay.

Have you ever played Overwatch?  Who’s your main?

And, uh, will I ever sleep again?

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