Thursday Threads

Thursday Threads #4: Team Captain America

I first met Laurelyn ten (holy crud) years ago in French class my junior year with Mme. Gwen… why can’t I remember her last name?  All I remember is I always liked her first name.  And that she liked flat, warm Coke–something she had learned while on her exchange in France.  I digress.

Laurelyn started attending my school mid-year; she had moved from California.  Her and I joked every now and then as seat neighbors, but it wasn’t until she was my server at Applebee’s that we actually became great friends.

I don’t know why that was my green light for friendship, but for some reason, after having her as my waitress I felt like, “Yeah, we’re going to be good friends!”  I’m probably just creepy like that.  Yep, I totally am.

Team Captain America

Okay, so this shirt design was inspired by Captain America: Civil War, which, yes, it already past and is possibly now sittin’ cozy in your digital library, but people are still buying this shirt.  So, why not spotlight it, right?  Team Captain America, FTW!


Because I’m mostly lazy, these shots of my beautiful (and dimpled) best friend were taken in my home, including in front of my four-year-old’s bedroom wall.

Can you believe Laurelyn’s legit husband, Mike, got us that official Disney Infinity advertisement when Best Buy was getting ridding of it?  You know, since the whole franchise (and that gaming department) is now defunct?

Mike also just got us the official Spider-Man: Homecoming advert.  Because he’s legit.

Also, his wife is really, super hot.


She’s wearing our Team Captain America Calligraphy t-shirt in our adult unisex style.  All of our shirts are 100% cotton and our prints never fade or chip because, dude, they’re not silk screen.  All direct-to-garment printing over here, baby!

Again, I love jackets and tees.  Laurelyn’s also wearing a super cute bow, but that’s hard to see.  Basically, accessories are awesome.

Do you think Civil War was better than Avengers?  Were you Team Cap?

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