Tuesday Tunes

Tuesday Tunes #4: Spectacular, Spectacular

In our senior year of high school, my now-husband, Brad, loved ringtones.  You know, way back when, when you would go online to a ringtone website and send the MIDI to your phone to be used as a ringtone.  Bradley specifically had a buttload of nerdy ringtones.

Our group of friends each had chosen a Marvel superhero for our high school’s “Avengers” team–the nerdiness was real, people–and Brad would find and use the opening theme songs for those heroes as everyone’s ringtones.  Our good friend Sims was Iron Man, so he had the Iron Man theme song.  I was Kitty Pryde, so my ringtone was the X-Men theme.  Our other friend was Reed Richards, so his was the Fantastic Four theme.  It was that way for everyone.  (Brad was dedicated to his craft.)

Spectacular, Spectacular

So, wanting to show-off, I wanted to do the same for Brad.  You know, give him a nerdy ringtone.  Brad’s superhero was Spider-Man, so of course I could do the classic theme song.  You know, “Spider-Man, Spider-Man, does whatever a spider can.”

But that was too easy.  There had to be some sort of lesser-known Spider-Man theme song.  There were at least five different Spider-Man cartoons by this point.  One of them had to have something different I could use.  Something that would totally impress Brad.  (I was crushing pretty hard at this point.)

That’s when I came upon The Spectacular Spider-Man TV series.


I started watching what I could of the series online.  And guys, it was good.  My only real experience up to that point with the Spider-Man cartoons was the over-buff Spider-Man of the 1995 series.  Spectacular was so different.  Not only was it more anatomically correct, but it was really freaking well done.

In fact, The Spectacular Spider-Man went on to win Best Animated Series in both 2008 and 2009 by IGN.  Out of the now eight different Spider-Man cartoons, Spectacular is still considered the best of the best.

Sadly, when Sony turned its television rights to Spider-Man back over to Marvel in 2009, and then later that year the Walt Disney Company acquired Marvel Entertainment, Spectacular was not renewed for a third season–regardless of its critical and fan acclaim.


The Spectacular Spider-Man deserved more than it got, it truly was everything it was hyped up to be.  The opening song, in my opinion, also takes top slot out of the several variations Spidey’s theme has taken.  “Spectacular Spider-Man”, composed and performed by The Tender Box, is a kick butt rock ballad that’s entirely simple, and yet so easy to jam to.  If you have never been exposed to its awesome, you must listen now.

When I downloaded and converted this song into Brad’s ringtone, I’m happy to say that he was highly impressed.  Score for crush points, plus bonus for discovering a freaking legit show.

What have you done to impress your crush?  Was it even nerdier than mine?

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