Thursday Threads

Thursday Threads #3: Village Crazy Lady

Disney is home to some of the greatest best friends of all time.  You know:  Woody and Buzz, Pooh and Piglet, Gaston and his reflection… makes your heart strings tug a bit, doesn’t it?

I’m very, very lucky to have two incredible best friends that I’ve known and teased and nerded out with since 2007.  This year, we all went to Disneyland together along with my sister, my little boy, and my nephew to celebrate TEN years of friendship.  Basically, I’m admitting here that I’m getting old.

Allow me to introduce you to one of my bestest friends of all time wearing one of our most popular shirts!

Village Crazy Lady

Today we’re showing you our t-shirt that was inspired by Moana and her hilarious grandmother.  You know, “I’m the village crazy lady.  It’s my job.”  Tala, you will be forever loved.


Rachel is wearing one of our adult unisex styles in heather gray.  I love wearing casual shirts with cute cardigans or jackets, it makes me all sorts of happy.  Who says you can’t dress up your favorite basic t-shirt, right?

(Also, it’s okay to have crazy envy over Rach’s beautiful, long hair.)

Not only is our Village Crazy Lady shirt great for wonderful best friends like mine, but a lot of our customers have ordered them for their moms and grandmas.


I mean, how cute would this shirt be to announce that your Disney-loving mom is about to become a grandma?  Someone please do this and send photos for us to share, I would die from the awesomeness.

Who would you give a Village Crazy Lady shirt to?

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