Tuesday Tunes

Tuesday Tunes #3: A Pirate’s Life for Me

One night, I was driving to grab some fast food after work.  (Probably Wendy’s, always in the mood for Wendy’s.)  I pulled up to a red light, jamming out to some music.  I was jamming out so hard I totally missed the turn signal.

What music was I listening to?  Pirates of the Caribbean, of course.  I mean, who doesn’t miss lights because they’re rocking out to instrumental music?  Right, you totally feel me on this one.

Welcome to Tuesday Tunes #3.

A Pirate’s Life for Me

Oh my crap, I love the Pirates movies.  Well, not really the fourth one.  But one through three?  Oh yes.  Number five?  I cried the fan service was so beautiful.  (Please tell me I wasn’t the only one.)


I love how dorky Will becomes total BA Will.  I love how Elizabeth grows from a snotty rich girl into a pirate-freaking-lord.  I love Jack in all his crazies.  And I love Barbosa because he’s basically the coolest anti-hero pirate captain ever.


And oh my, I love Hans Zimmer.  A kid who graduated from my Alma Mater is currently interning with him.  I don’t even know the guy who snagged the internship, let alone have any skills to even be able to intern with the Zimmer-man, but I’m so jealous.

If you didn’t already know, Hans Zimmer composed the music for all five Pirates of the Caribbean movies.  Today, for Tuesday Tunes, I’m going to share with you my most favorite Pirates music piece–you know, the one that caused me to miss my turn signal, because it was that epic.

This track is from the end of the second Pirates movie, Dead Man’s Chest.  My favorite movie in the franchise, it is the ending cliffhanger–and later after-credits scene–that puts Pirates 2 as number one in my book.  Davy Jones is a legit baddie, I love his backstory.  Also, I just plain love the beauty of the opening rain scene of Will and Elizabeth’s ruined wedding day.  So gorgeous.


Titled “Hello Beastie”, this track is freaking long–over ten minutes in length.  But it covers everything that makes Zimmer’s Pirates music so freaking fantastic.  It has slow and sad parts, strong and emotional parts, and ends with the titular tune.  AND I LOVE IT, YOU GUYS.

Listen to it and see Elizabeth’s choice, Jack’s sacrifice, Will’s torment, and Barbosa’s return.  “So tell me… what’s become of my ship?”

Do you have a favorite instrumental piece that just gets to you?

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