Freebie Friday

Freebie Friday #2: Finally, Some Justice

To me, Young Justice was to DC animation like the New 52 was to DC comics–it was a fresh take on the universe, and a much-needed one.  Using Justice League as a backdoor set-up, it was a show about sidekicks but it was so far beyond kiddie time.  It was intense, funny, and beautifully animated.  And then, in 2013, it was cancelled after only two seasons, along with all its promise for the DC animated universe.

The question on everyone’s mind: WHY YOU DO THIS, DC.

Finally, Some Justice

Three years after its cancellation, Warner Brothers announced that there would be a season 3.  And, universally, fans peed their pants.  A warm moment for all.


Earlier this year, it was announced that season 3 would be titled Young Justice: Outsiders which was most likely an epic enough title for more warm feelings with most of us giddy for its return.  The new season will premiere in 2018 on a new streaming service by DC, which is interesting.

In celebration of all the beautiful character designs and updates we got a peak at in the San Diego Comic Con panel today, our Freebie Friday is all about our feelings surrounding Young Justice: Outsiders.



Are you guys as officially whelmed as we are?!

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