Thursday Threads

Thursday Threads #2: When Pre-Schoolers Dress Themselves

I don’t know about you, but summer is a love/hate relationship for me.  I mean, I know that summer means barbecues, swimming, and no school–“all good things, all good things“–but it’s also just really, really hot and somewhat miserable when you think about it.

To avoid shriveling up in the mid-day summer heat, I take the kids outside in the morning hours to play.  Here in Utah, that means it’s only 82º rather than 101º.  So, you know, still plenty warm without baking your face off!

When Pre-Schoolers Dress Themselves

My four year-old, George, decided to dress himself this morning.  He chose our Gekko sweatshirt, inspired by the ever-popular Disney Junior TV show, PJ Masks (which I love).


Although the sweatshirt looks all sorts of awesome and all that, I tried talking him out of it because, well, 82º is still way too hot for a cozy sweatshirt like that.  As you can see, he won that argument.



George was quite happy to pose for a few pictures for me.  I should probably thank him, as his fashion choices made Thursday Threads easy for me this week!

Check out our Gekko sweatshirt, along with a bunch of other PJ Masks apparel, on Etsy.  They’re some of our most popular items!

How are your pre-schooler’s clothing choices when they decide to dress themselves?

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