Thursday Threads

Thursday Threads #1: Making Star Wars Marvelous

Thursday Threads–short and sweet, it’s all about showing you guys our t-shirts IRL!  That’s right, we want to show you how great our shirts look, and how they can be worn basically all the time.  (Except not a job interview for a position at a law firm.  That is probably not the best time to wear a nerdy t-shirt.  But, you know, to each his own.)

Making Star Wars Marvelous

Bradley is wearing our mega-legit Team Rhodey t-shirt while he plays an epic game of Star Wars: X-Wing.  He looks so marvelous.  (Ha, I’m funny.)


Since Disney owns, well, everything, it’s total legit to wear a Marvel shirt while playing a Star Wars game.  In the end, you just look plain fantastic!

Have you ever played Star Wars: X-Wing?  It’s a pretty fantastic miniatures game.  Not cheap, though.  Definitely not cheap.


The concept is basically a battle in space between ships.  The turn system is pretty cool, as you choose to follow certain flight patterns in order to reach the enemy ship and fire at them.


Are you enough of a Star Wars geek to buy Star Wars: X-Wing?  We apparently are!  And we’re also into Marvel enough to dress ourselves daily in it.  Being a nerd and loving our fandoms sort of brings a warm fuzzy feeling, doesn’t it?!

Check out our Team Rhodey shirt on Etsy, and we’ll see you next Thursday for some major threadin’!

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