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Watch Wednesday #1: Why Gravity Falls Kicks Major Catookus

Watch Wednesday is not here to encourage you to #wearmorewatches (although that could possibly be a neat movement?  Maybe?).  Watch Wednesday is all about what we think you should be watching.  Yes, you.  Reading this right now.

Of course, what we’re encouraging you to watch will always have some sort of a nerdy undertone.  Whether it’s animated, foreign, or just plain dorky, that’s how we roll–the nerdier, the better.

Gravity Falls

Created by Alex Hirsch (who’s Twitter is worth the follow, trust me), this completed two-season series involves twins Dipper and Mabel Pines finding themselves booted out of their home in Piedmont, California to spend their summer with their great-uncle (“Grunkle”) Stan in a fictional town of Gravity Falls, Roadkill County, Oregon.


Grunkle Stan makes his living in the small town running the “Mystery Shack”, a tourist trap that boasts a plethora of hoax attractions (such as a rock that looks like a rock face, as well as Sascrotch, literally a sasquatch wearing tighty whities).  As Mabel seeks summer romance, Dipper discovers an old journal in the woods, which details Gravity Falls isn’t as boring as it seems–in fact, it’s chocked full of paranormal events and supernatural creatures.  The series follows the twins as they seek out the answers behind the mysteries of Gravity Falls and its many secrets.

So why does this show kick so much catookus?  Well, first off, the main theme.  I mean, are you kidding me?  The music is fantastic.

Beyond the score, Gravity Falls’ ensemble of characters is remarkable.  They are all well-rounded and each character experiences a significant amount of growth and development by the end of the series.

To me, great series–especially ones with such a wide cast as Gravity Falls–give all characters an actual place in the story beyond just being a plot device.  For this reason, I love one of the show’s first main protagonists, Pacifica Northwest.  When you first meet her, she sucks.  So hard.  Truly.  But she develops so much further beyond the popular b-word prototype, and I love that.


Another great bit about Gravity Falls is how it displays family interactions.  Dipper and Mabel, 12 year-old fraternal twins, show a a set of siblings who genuinely love each other.  Rather than the dead stereotypical fight, fight, fight that you see in so much sibling interaction on television (especially on Disney Channel), Dipper and Mabel are best friends.  They tease each other, they annoy each other, but the majority of the time they just have fun together.

Gravity Falls touches on their relationship as it’s being affected by their dawning teenager-hood in such a way that it tests their relationship but it doesn’t change their deep roots as real friends as well as brother and sister.  AND I LOVE IT.

Beyond its tightly woven plot and character development, Gravity Falls has remarkable humor.  SO FREAKING FUNNY–I don’t know a more delicate way to say it other than that.  I can’t even begin to describe all the hilarity that ensues in this show.  Just trust me enough to watch for the funnies, if anything!


Gravity Falls is for all the feels.  It will make you laugh, get a tad emotional, and creep you out all in one episode.  I love it because it uniquely molds several genres into one, keeping the flow strong until the end.

Gravity Falls ended after two seasons, not because there wasn’t an interest for more (being the highest view show on Disney XD), but because series creator Hirsch wanted it that way.  On his Tumblr account he explained, “I wanted Gravity Falls to have a mystery that had a real answer, an adventure that had a real climax, and an ending that had a real conclusion for the characters I care so much about. … I know that hits are rare in this business, and its hard to let one of them go, so I’m so grateful that this company has had the vision to let me start (and end) the show the way I always wanted to.”

You can view the entire 40-episode series currently on Hulu.  You can become more acquainted with the series and its characters–and watch awesome shorts–on the official Disney website.

And hey, when you finish binge watching this puppy, come back and tell us what you think!

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